23 -- China will

impose additional

tariffs on U.S. imports worth abo

countermeasures, precise and forceful, are to safeguard both China's national interest and the interest of Chinese enterprises and people, Gao said.Meanwhile, China has fully taken into account of the countermeasures' effects, the possibility to replace the products subject to higher tariffs, and the influence on people's life and industrial upgrades, according to Gao.China reit■erates once again that cooperation is t

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billion U.S. dol

lars in response to the

newly announced

U.S. tariff hi

kes on Chinese goo
  • All
  • ds, the Cust
  • oms Tariff
  • Commission of
  • the Sta
  • te Counc

il announced Fri

day.Based on

laws and appr

oved by

the State Council,

a total of 5,078 U.S. p

roducts will b

e subjec

t to additiona

l tariff

s of 10 percent

or 5 per

cent.The tariff hike

s will be implement■e

d in two batches a

nd take effect at 12:01

p.m. Beijing time on Sept. 1 and at 12:01 p.

m. on Dec.

15, respectively, the c

ommission said in a

  • statement.The additional tariffs starting from Sept. 1 i
  • nvolve soybeans and crude oil, while those taking effect on Dec. 1
  • 5 will be imposed on imports including corns, co
  • tton, aquatic products, and vehicles and auto parts, said Gao Li
  • ngyun, a researcher with the Institute of World Economics and
  • Politics under the Chinese Academy of Social Sci

ences.China's imposition of ad

ditional tar

iffs is a forced

response to U.S. unilat

eralism and trade protectionism, the statement said.These